Reality of Realities

What is a reality ? By formal definition Reality is ” A conjectured state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. ” Causally speaking reality is something which is the truth and based on facts. Which can be seen and felt upfront. Reality is mostly common for all the people irrespective of the perspectives and angles of thoughts. The example can be as simple as that if its raining , it is a reality for the people who witness it there cant be two opinions on that. But when we apply reality to human life it is not as simple to explain as ABC. Reality is something very harsh in day to day life. They are a group of facts and truths which we have to accept and move on. Reality by many is considered a permanent thing. Here it gets more complex. There are two type of people who accept the reality and want to work on it to make it better in the future and then there are those who accept it and don’t wanna do anything. Those who don’t accept reality aren’t people in my opinion. Its true whats done is done but what isn’t done yet is not a reality its just a supposition. If a player loses his every game then in reality he is a loser and bad player but it doesn’t mean he will lose his next game too. Its just a supposition based on previous facts but it hasn’t become a reality yet. Humans make mental boundaries and putting things in them is a common practice. Why one do that is for the ease and comfort of thinking. Its like you give up on something and accept it as is. Its easy not to struggle ,be sluggish and lazy. We keep on letting things happen and they keep on becoming a reality for us. Like money is everything , you need to be powerful to be any good , children need to go ivy league to be something. I wish and wish that things could have become better by the acceptance of these realities but unfortunately they don’t. Cause these are cliches we have created around us and painted them as a reality. To be great you have to think beyond the realities, you have to better then what has happened before. You have to create your realities. thing just don’t happen all the time, a great many chains of event lead to every moment. You are a reality , i am a reality because our forefathers survived the many many centuries of wars, manslaughter, plagues and anomalies , social unrest’s and what not. Realities are truth there is no denying in it, but realities are happening every moment and we have the option to change them. We can create a better reality then before, improvements can be made to existing facts. Believe in hope , hope is reality too. Don’t create boundaries out of realities, use them to point out they way. Create and prosper rather then accept and slumber. Its a reality humans cannot but yet we fly, its a reality we can’t breathe in water but yet we do, Its a reality that we can born handicapped but yet there are those who shun this thought and have excelled. Time don’t stop for anybody its going and going so is the reality. “Every moment past is the reality and every moment now is making of the reality so better make it right” – Ahsan Abdullah


Theory to Fail

‘To Fail’  is a phrase which  we all can relate to at some point of our lives. Fail in literal sense mean “unable to achieve goals or” or “neglect to do something”. In reality its a little different then projected. Failure has been overrated to some extent and its productive nature has been severally underrated. When we strive to fulfill our goals, it is a process; failures and success are a part of it. If you try to achieve a goal and you fail it means a temporary setback but also an opportunity to think through the process again and fish out the potential problems. If you have been careful in analyzing the problems your next attempt should take you closer to your goals, even if you are not able to achieve it completely.
Failure happens because of our mistakes ,negligence or sometime fate take its toll and results in some grieve losses and blunders. Failures can create big disasters too, but not everything is perfect and controlled in this world. The probability of failure is always there and it gives us the opportunity to take precautions for the future. Many inventions and discoveries came into existence because something somewhere ‘Failed’ to deliver and it had to be improved. Whether it be political, Social, Military or Domestic area failure has always played a productive role. Peace Treaties, Democracy, Advancement in medical field, Relief Programs are all a by product of Wars, Suffering, Disasters and Anarchy. Which are labeled as human failures.
The downside of failure is ,it gives setbacks; some setbacks are for life and we never recover and some of us keep growing on those failures. Giving up after failure might seem as the right thing to do but it actually is the wrong. One need to understand that up and down in life are a natural occurrence and shouldn’t become the reason of halting one’s progress to achieve its goals.
I will quote some great words by a person who is renowned for facing one of the most depressing times of human history.
“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”. – Winston Churchill

Disclaimer : Everything published in this blog is a work of reality, any relevance to real person or event is purely intentional .

Whats being Jealous ?

In life we always want something badly maybe a car, job, promotion , antiques or success. To want is human nature . As we move forward in life we see other people have what we want so badly and a feelings comes that we were more deserving. Jealousy is considered a negative trait of human nature. It kicks in when you feel deprived of something you have worked so hard for, sacrificed, burned the midnight oil.
But everything has a purpose and use. Life is all about balance. Excess creates a disturbance in the ecosystem of life. Jealousy is a characteristic in which there is very thin line between constructive and destructive behavior. One would probably think what could be the possible use of jealousy ?. It is the partial reason for the human progress . How could that be true right ? Didn’t the progress happen due to development over centuries? Development happened because individuals in different Era and times contributed significantly to the social and technological progress. But did we ever thought why individual wants to work ? Why someone do hard work ? Its all not merely to survive but to be at par with others. Each one of us is trying to be equivalent or above the other and that results in competitive progress. Why we work hard to buy different sort of stuff? because we see other people with those things. So this explains simply that jealousy plays a vital role in stirring desires which eventually result in our progress and moving forward.
How this all can be useful. Well its the question of will and focus. There is no perfect answer for handling our abilities. Jealousy helps us understand where we stand in comparison to others it gives us the raw feeling of what attract us and what we want. Our brain comprehends this data and try to push ourselves in the direction we desire. Problems arise when this jealousy becomes our obsession and blinds us from the pros and cons of the steps we are taking.

Jealousy should only be used as the analyzing tool like a compass which points the direction, but you should still remain in charge of how you want to move in that direction, at what pace and in with what strategy. We should not be the slave of our desires but in control of them. There are uses of being jealous and yes we have been using them all along in our lives its just about realizing your potential and bringing out the best of it.

Warning: Excess of Jealousy is Guaranteed Failure indulge with caution

“You can be the Moon and still be jealous of the stars.” – Gary Allen