You are running, Huffing and puffing to be somewhere, you are late and urgency is in the air. This is very known scenario for all from very childhood. These moments of rush and the last minute tasks are habit and routine for most of us. Well it has been repeatedly seen that last moments action though gets the work done but lacks the perfection when observed in detail. It leaves you no margin for improvement either. Urgency stand justified in times when things happen due to natural circumstances, but their are things which we plan ahead and they need to be executed according to a certain time plan. Urgency though give us a heightened sense of our surroundings but it could also blind us from many incoming risks. Its just like crossing road with caution or just running through. The possibility of you getting on the other side safely largely depend on the cars and your ability to stay safe. Same happens when we do stuff in a hurry.
So my advice is stay safe. Chalk out things in advance and don’t sweat it all the time. Take it slow and steady rather then huff puff.


Unending days

Sometimes i just sit on my table working, sending emails, making drafts, responding to queries, drafting write up’s and a times come when the days start to be continuous you first loose track of minutes then hours and then eventually days. When you finally have time to ponder what youa re doing with your life 4 months passed in Swoooosh. What really happened was work ? or the time flew ? or somebody took your memory ? All these questions are a realization which almost everyone face and find answer to in their lifetime.

Time is a precious little gift. We have the freedom to spend it but we cant refill it. What is spent is spent. So spend with balance. Give yourself some moments from time to time. Worrying eats your time, so worry less and face things with a positive attitude. Make the ticking clock count every moment. You deserve it ūüôā

Silent Words

Its a pretty philosophical debate, at least seems to me if was reading this phrase *silent communication* for the first time. Maybe I would have thought that someone is handicapped or there is an issue of some sort that the other person cannot speak or something.
Silent communication in psychology or human behavior is to understand the others without being verbal with them. This phenomenon is very much natural and there is no need to learn , its kind of built in. How we use it depends on how frequent we use it and how deep we are on this side of our personality. A lot of times we just know that something is wrong with the other person, there is no verbal talk or physical signs but something tell us that there is a problem. Like a mother can feel the restlessness on her children faces even if they are not saying anything. Its a sublime connection, like wireless communication among humans in which we can share stuff which can’t be said. There is a phrase often used by people that eyes speak more than words can possibly do.
When a person is depressed or tensed, people don’t want to talk much, they just wish that the other person could just know what they are going through. Giving them an understanding at such point is something which can’t be expressed in words.
The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. – Peter F. Drucker

Taming Will

Will is your inner strength, a measure of how much you can stand by something. Our decision and actions are based on our will. Why we need Will ? What it has to do with our decisions ? These are small ,seemingly irrelevant questions which goes through our thinking process when we think about it.
Let’s straighten things up, if we want to do something its¬†Will¬†which we put into that. If we are not willing to do something it means the¬†Will¬†is absent. If we do something according too our desires its¬†Will. Others see that decision as our will and eventually as our choices. If you want to buy a red pant its your will, when you buy ,its your decision. So it goes a long way into our everyday decision making. By then there are tasks which we don’t want to do but have to do. Those are registered as burdens in our mind. Now another question arises that why is¬†Will¬†not into everything ? We phrase this as half hearted tasks. Our¬†Will¬†is not in them, nor is our heart and mind. These things create a drag on us.
Will¬†is directly related to heart and mind, Inside our thought process over the time we create do’s and don’ts and whenever we have to do the don’ts ¬†the¬†Will¬†goes missing.The reason to elaborate this boring stuff is to find what damage can it do in our lives. It is a characteristic and it can have a downside too right.
Actually when you do stuff in which you haven’t put¬†Will¬†it becomes a burden on your senses and literally blocks of productivity and positive attitude. This burden could result in physical fatigue, lack of happiness , agitation, absent mindedness,¬†mood swings, or frustration. These things are very common but they uproot from very insignificant events and happenings which could easily be avoided.
We can’t be happy about all things we have to do but yes we can eliminate some stuff which really don’t matter, like when your mother ask you to make your bed, have to do dishes, clean the car, eat food with mouth closed (fingers crossed) , drive ethically and loads of simple stuff. Either way we have to do all this but if we just think that it could be done with a smile and a happy attitude. It won’t hurt us right ? But a negative attitude will eat up on our senses. Make us dull sluggish , make us feel that we are wasting time. If we do task halfheartedly it will will consume double the time and efforts compared to if you are doing it happily.
So let’s decode today that we be maximizing our will and direst its magic into the stuff we do everyday. You will feel the difference instantly.
“Will is like horse , let it free and will gallop all day without direction, Tame and it will win races for you.” – Ahsan Abdullah