Biggest Problem with a Job – The Job itself

The biggest problem in job is the ‘job’ itself. Your job influence your way of life in a number of ways. If there is a conflict between you and your job then there is not just a problem, it’s a whole rabble coming your way. A conflict arises between a person and job when we fail to create an acceptance. It is not just a few tasks; it is actually our work-space, timings, colleagues, limitations and challenges which comes with it. Sometime we choose job and other time’s it chooses us. Doesn’t matter how you landed in the job important things is that one learns to embrace it, because you are here now. If you think it’s not your calling don’t opt for it in the first place, because doing work which you don’t want to do is very dangerous for your morale and attitude. Half-hearted work does more harm to us than it does to the job. So why not just do nothing? Than hurt us and potentially other’s around.
Dammit This Job Suck

When a person doesn’t embrace his/her job; there could be multiple reasons for that. From personal choices to cultural limitations. There could be humongous reasons to dislike something. The thing to understand is that once we are in a job, we are actually a part of a system. It cannot operate without the output of the people who are working in it. Doing half-heartedly doesn’t make it any easier, on the other hand it consumes us even more with guilt, fear and dis-satisfaction. This dis-synchronization between job and the person creates a rift in everything associated to life and job. One cannot be happy and satisfied when he/she is in a state of constant confusion and turmoil. Occasional hiccups and challenges might breaks one morale and tempo, but un-satisfied soul can be much more problematic if it continues for a longer periods of time. So the question is peeps do you really want such a miserable life and self-loathing attitude?

One shouldn’t ignore such circumstances, rather face them and try to solve the problem at first hand. If it is let to simmer unattended, it will eventually get out of control. Nobody want his/her career to be jeopardized or spoiled. Would you really give a reason for a ruined career, that you didn’t liked it? It is always good to take a step back and see the bigger picture, get to the root of the problem and see how the situation can be remedied. If one keep in mind the following points, lot erroneous decisions and awkward situations can be avoided in the later stages of job.

  • Always think thoroughly before applying or opting for job
  • Consult a person who knows you best and ask for their advice
  • If you decide to take on job accept it both in mind and soul
  • Take some time and understand the possibilities and limitation of your job
  • Do not want what is not your job, don’t do what could affect your job negatively
  • Be happy about what you do and share your learnings with others
  • If some issues arise in job or workplace try to wrap up the situation in a calm and quite manner
  • Try not to keep grudges, learn to let things go
  • Learn the professional ethics and adopt them with your job, it will make your job a lot easier for you
  • Love what you do, or don’t do it

Job is not the end of the world, it’s just we all are here to play our part, just keep that in mind. Job is part of life, one got to do something, just be happy with what you and you will feel light as a feather in your work. Just be mindful of yourself and the work you do, you will glide through and be at PEACE.


Theory to Fail

‘To Fail’  is a phrase which  we all can relate to at some point of our lives. Fail in literal sense mean “unable to achieve goals or” or “neglect to do something”. In reality its a little different then projected. Failure has been overrated to some extent and its productive nature has been severally underrated. When we strive to fulfill our goals, it is a process; failures and success are a part of it. If you try to achieve a goal and you fail it means a temporary setback but also an opportunity to think through the process again and fish out the potential problems. If you have been careful in analyzing the problems your next attempt should take you closer to your goals, even if you are not able to achieve it completely.
Failure happens because of our mistakes ,negligence or sometime fate take its toll and results in some grieve losses and blunders. Failures can create big disasters too, but not everything is perfect and controlled in this world. The probability of failure is always there and it gives us the opportunity to take precautions for the future. Many inventions and discoveries came into existence because something somewhere ‘Failed’ to deliver and it had to be improved. Whether it be political, Social, Military or Domestic area failure has always played a productive role. Peace Treaties, Democracy, Advancement in medical field, Relief Programs are all a by product of Wars, Suffering, Disasters and Anarchy. Which are labeled as human failures.
The downside of failure is ,it gives setbacks; some setbacks are for life and we never recover and some of us keep growing on those failures. Giving up after failure might seem as the right thing to do but it actually is the wrong. One need to understand that up and down in life are a natural occurrence and shouldn’t become the reason of halting one’s progress to achieve its goals.
I will quote some great words by a person who is renowned for facing one of the most depressing times of human history.
“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”. – Winston Churchill

Disclaimer : Everything published in this blog is a work of reality, any relevance to real person or event is purely intentional .