I write for the love of words and the obsession of mad thinking. Such a rush has yet again hit my already tumbled mind. At times its hard to stare at the world with open eyes, a series of questions knock the sanity again and again … .

All this ? to What end ? Where it lead to ?

Well other than eating, sleeping and working there is a lot to this life, which we fail to keep in our reference when we set our aims. We have a start and it will eventually end, and between these two points is a game , which is a multiplayer sandbox. In that is our little world of people, dreams, wealth, emotions, treasures, and perceptions. This world of ours is a very thin in nature. It starts to fade as it passes , chunks of it stay lit in our memories. Its so thin that years can be compressed to minutes , Seconds or just a faded image. What we are alive for is to live, live the time granted to us. In this time we follow our beliefs , traditions, cultureĀ  and norms and that is what make our lives colorful. All this sum up to our existence on this earth.