Whats being Jealous ?

In life we always want something badly maybe a car, job, promotion , antiques or success. To want is human nature . As we move forward in life we see other people have what we want so badly and a feelings comes that we were more deserving. Jealousy is considered a negative trait of human nature. It kicks in when you feel deprived of something you have worked so hard for, sacrificed, burned the midnight oil.
But everything has a purpose and use. Life is all about balance. Excess creates a disturbance in the ecosystem of life. Jealousy is a characteristic in which there is very thin line between constructive and destructive behavior. One would probably think what could be the possible use of jealousy ?. It is the partial reason for the human progress . How could that be true right ? Didn’t the progress happen due to development over centuries? Development happened because individuals in different Era and times contributed significantly to the social and technological progress. But did we ever thought why individual wants to work ? Why someone do hard work ? Its all not merely to survive but to be at par with others. Each one of us is trying to be equivalent or above the other and that results in competitive progress. Why we work hard to buy different sort of stuff? because we see other people with those things. So this explains simply that jealousy plays a vital role in stirring desires which eventually result in our progress and moving forward.
How this all can be useful. Well its the question of will and focus. There is no perfect answer for handling our abilities. Jealousy helps us understand where we stand in comparison to others it gives us the raw feeling of what attract us and what we want. Our brain comprehends this data and try to push ourselves in the direction we desire. Problems arise when this jealousy becomes our obsession and blinds us from the pros and cons of the steps we are taking.

Jealousy should only be used as the analyzing tool like a compass which points the direction, but you should still remain in charge of how you want to move in that direction, at what pace and in with what strategy. We should not be the slave of our desires but in control of them. There are uses of being jealous and yes we have been using them all along in our lives its just about realizing your potential and bringing out the best of it.

Warning: Excess of Jealousy is Guaranteed Failure indulge with caution

“You can be the Moon and still be jealous of the stars.” – Gary Allen


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