Reality of Realities

What is a reality ? By formal definition Reality is ” A conjectured state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. ” Causally speaking reality is something which is the truth and based on facts. Which can be seen and felt upfront. Reality is mostly common for all the people irrespective of the perspectives and angles of thoughts. The example can be as simple as that if its raining , it is a reality for the people who witness it there cant be two opinions on that. But when we apply reality to human life it is not as simple to explain as ABC. Reality is something very harsh in day to day life. They are a group of facts and truths which we have to accept and move on. Reality by many is considered a permanent thing. Here it gets more complex. There are two type of people who accept the reality and want to work on it to make it better in the future and then there are those who accept it and don’t wanna do anything. Those who don’t accept reality aren’t people in my opinion. Its true whats done is done but what isn’t done yet is not a reality its just a supposition. If a player loses his every game then in reality he is a loser and bad player but it doesn’t mean he will lose his next game too. Its just a supposition based on previous facts but it hasn’t become a reality yet. Humans make mental boundaries and putting things in them is a common practice. Why one do that is for the ease and comfort of thinking. Its like you give up on something and accept it as is. Its easy not to struggle ,be sluggish and lazy. We keep on letting things happen and they keep on becoming a reality for us. Like money is everything , you need to be powerful to be any good , children need to go ivy league to be something. I wish and wish that things could have become better by the acceptance of these realities but unfortunately they don’t. Cause these are cliches we have created around us and painted them as a reality. To be great you have to think beyond the realities, you have to better then what has happened before. You have to create your realities. thing just don’t happen all the time, a great many chains of event lead to every moment. You are a reality , i am a reality because our forefathers survived the many many centuries of wars, manslaughter, plagues and anomalies , social unrest’s and what not. Realities are truth there is no denying in it, but realities are happening every moment and we have the option to change them. We can create a better reality then before, improvements can be made to existing facts. Believe in hope , hope is reality too. Don’t create boundaries out of realities, use them to point out they way. Create and prosper rather then accept and slumber. Its a reality humans cannot but yet we fly, its a reality we can’t breathe in water but yet we do, Its a reality that we can born handicapped but yet there are those who shun this thought and have excelled. Time don’t stop for anybody its going and going so is the reality. “Every moment past is the reality and every moment now is making of the reality so better make it right” – Ahsan Abdullah


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