How this blog came into existence is due habit to poke my nose into everything, think about it and giving out opinions( weird!! right ). Then i slowly came to the conclusion that all that junk of thoughts need to be put somewhere i just cant keep them in the head (Some thinking head out there would understand!! ).

Actually i wanted to write about us, the humans, everything about us makes me curious, what make us Tick ? How we feel ,think and comprehend ? How our mental chemistry works. Yes Yes load of books have been written but you have to be a pure book crawler to go through all of them then research, conclude or on other hand you can simple try to understand your day to day adventures and ordeals.

This blog is simple about you and me and things which are around and inside us. Feel free to drop by and leave comments, you can ignore too wont cost you !! but if you read wont hurt you either.

“Have a good life folks, worry less, do more spread the love”



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