Through the Night

A silent starry night, the hum of the engines, the sound of the tires kissing the tarmac, music going in the background, a noisy head and bag of gadgets. Sifting through the apps , worlds, words, chaos… and the pleasure of being so much places while not being anywhere. A fantasy world , a bunch of mental luxuries and the loans of pleasure, to satisfy the ever gaping voids. Seeing all those lights and towers, all the busy souls and the whizzing by cars, to what end ? a question popping up in mind again and again and then again. Going unanswered like a great historical mystery, Can’t they see or am i naive enough ? Day in and day out , after thousand of Kilometers and hundreds of hours the mind ask the same question while being in the same place… Something so primitive and yet so unbelievable such a place this is ….


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