You are running, Huffing and puffing to be somewhere, you are late and urgency is in the air. This is very known scenario for all from very childhood. These moments of rush and the last minute tasks are habit and routine for most of us. Well it has been repeatedly seen that last moments action though gets the work done but lacks the perfection when observed in detail. It leaves you no margin for improvement either. Urgency stand justified in times when things happen due to natural circumstances, but their are things which we plan ahead and they need to be executed according to a certain time plan. Urgency though give us a heightened sense of our surroundings but it could also blind us from many incoming risks. Its just like crossing road with caution or just running through. The possibility of you getting on the other side safely largely depend on the cars and your ability to stay safe. Same happens when we do stuff in a hurry.
So my advice is stay safe. Chalk out things in advance and don’t sweat it all the time. Take it slow and steady rather then huff puff.


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