Silent Words

Its a pretty philosophical debate, at least seems to me if was reading this phrase *silent communication* for the first time. Maybe I would have thought that someone is handicapped or there is an issue of some sort that the other person cannot speak or something.
Silent communication in psychology or human behavior is to understand the others without being verbal with them. This phenomenon is very much natural and there is no need to learn , its kind of built in. How we use it depends on how frequent we use it and how deep we are on this side of our personality. A lot of times we just know that something is wrong with the other person, there is no verbal talk or physical signs but something tell us that there is a problem. Like a mother can feel the restlessness on her children faces even if they are not saying anything. Its a sublime connection, like wireless communication among humans in which we can share stuff which can’t be said. There is a phrase often used by people that eyes speak more than words can possibly do.
When a person is depressed or tensed, people don’t want to talk much, they just wish that the other person could just know what they are going through. Giving them an understanding at such point is something which can’t be expressed in words.
The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. – Peter F. Drucker

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